Summer bounty — what to do with all that fresh fruit?

Summer bounty — what to do with all that fresh fruit?

Oh yeah.. it’s summer. The mercury has risen and the days are long once more!

Our summer harvest begins with rhubarb, then luscious strawberries, blueberries and peaches in the height of August.

Summertime Fruit Flan at the Beach

July 20th, 2011 – Check out the Rhubarb-Apple Bran muffin recipe in the Muffins section. Yummy and healthy with tart rhubarb and sweet apple!

About Terry Taylor

Nestled in the Valhalla mountain range of British Columbia, hugging the shore of Slocan Lake, I lead an interesting and passionate life. Cooking has been part of my life forever it seems. Perhaps the mystery of my grandmother's artful touch in creating her famous butter tarts crept into my soul. Perhaps it was the joys of all those brothers and sisters to cook for that inspired that love of cooking...In any case, in addition to a fulfilling and stimulating professional career, cooking is at my core.

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