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Kale and Potato Soup


My dear friend, Diana gave me this recipe a number of years ago, and the chill November days have brought its savoury joys back into the kitchen! It’s simple to make, very hearty and nutritious. Since my fall garden is still full of kale and the potatoes freshly dug, it’s a natural for an easy fall meal.

I like to team this soup with a loaf of homemade sundried tomato-rosemary or ricotta-pesto bread. Cornmeal muffins are also a lovely accompaniment.

Potato and Kale Soup (serves 6)

1 large onion
1 tbsp olive oil                                       Saute in a big pot for a few minutes till the onion softens
1 clove garlic, minced

Into the pot throw 2 big potatoes, diced, and sautéed along with the onions and garlic, then add 4 or 5 cups water or (better yet!) homemade chicken or veggie stock. Cook and simmer for about 45 minutes.

Remove stems from a large bunch of tender kale and chop leaves coarsely. Add kale to cooked potato broth and continue cooking for about five minutes till the kale is green still but cooked. Puree in the blender or, if you prefer a slightly chunkier texture, use the Braun multipractic hand blender and partially puree.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Fall – a time for soup


Fall’s bounty and beauty are all around. Finally, the firewood is gathered for the winter, the garden is put to bed, and my new hens have finally started laying!

Impossibly blue fall skies counterpoint the orange lace of the larch and it’s time for soup!

In the soup section, I have added today’s contribution to healthy and hearty living: Beef Barley Vegetable and Chicken or Turkey Noodle. Yummy!

Beef Vegetable Soup