Fall – a time for soup


Fall’s bounty and beauty are all around. Finally, the firewood is gathered for the winter, the garden is put to bed, and my new hens have finally started laying!

Impossibly blue fall skies counterpoint the orange lace of the larch and it’s time for soup!

In the soup section, I have added today’s contribution to healthy and hearty living: Beef Barley Vegetable and Chicken or Turkey Noodle. Yummy!

Beef Vegetable Soup

About Terry Taylor

Nestled in the Valhalla mountain range of British Columbia, hugging the shore of Slocan Lake, I lead an interesting and passionate life. Cooking has been part of my life forever it seems. Perhaps the mystery of my grandmother's artful touch in creating her famous butter tarts crept into my soul. Perhaps it was the joys of all those brothers and sisters to cook for that inspired that love of cooking...In any case, in addition to a fulfilling and stimulating professional career, cooking is at my core.

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